I am a short story, short film, and poetry writer who was raised on games like Grandia, Final Fantasy, & Star Ocean. I want to review as many books, indie games, and short films as I can in my life.

Never should have quit,

It's still going to be a while before I start reviewing again, but I definitely have some specific books in mind I'd like to review. Something to keep in mind. My reviews may not be for everybody: I refuse to curse, and I don't use star systems. I could go on a long discussion about star systems, but that would cause the post to meander.


But I'm back.

Well I'm back to reviewing again,

It turns out my aunt has a copy of The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom. R.L. Stine is one of those horror authors I grew up with, along with Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. I used to primarily be a horror reader, before I got into science fiction as my taste sort of evolved.


So this is a nostalgic treat for me.

Book Review: Billy's Contact Notes -- Non-Fiction

UFO investigations are wasting their time trying to debunk M's UFOs, when contact 110 pretty much damns all contacts afterword.


Even from a storytelling perspective, contacts thereafter are simply bad pacing. When you plot a story, you separate it into Hook, Plot Turn, Pinch, Midpoint, Pinch 2, Plot Turn 2, and Resolution.


Contact 110 is pretty much the denouement of the BM case, if there was ever any real case to begin with. It was the old American representative that mentioned all other contact notes were not even written by BM.


It can be reasonably inferred then that all other contact notes were also not written by Semjase either. If they had actually continued after 1978, I have a slight feeling: the spirit teachings would be less focused upon, the Plejeren would talk about open contact — because lets be honest if the limited contact had worked — then it would be seen that humans are capable of seeing open contact.


I’ve also suspected from time to time that F may in fact have been infiltrated by the CIA. I don’t know this for certain, as there have been cults before that started on their own.


Again the more your dig into the nuts and bolts of the case, as well as the Plejeren’s last contact note and subtext within, you will realize things seem weirder and weirder.

I also looked up something about DR as well. Lets be clear, just because your banished from F honestly doesn’t mean anything really. It was even Mr. Winters that said the group was bordering on a cult.


Again, if contacts post 1978 aren’t real then no other contacts afterword are not even relevant to the UFO discussion. What we need are limited contacts now with someone other than Billy to really get a grasp about how humans would actually behave.


New York is or L.A. is a far better test for open contact. Lets also be clear, I’m not doubting he was an actual contactee at one point, but continuous no other contacts?

Yea I’ll need physical proof of that.

Reading progress update: I've read 170 out of 254 pages.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft - Stephen King

Where to begin. The authors tendency to have over description shows quite a bit in the book on writing in the second half of the volume. While I understand that reading a lot is good, the way its written he takes a very long time to get to the point that reading a lot is the only way to understand how much description is necessary to write a novel.


I am enjoying the rest of the volume so far.

Found my copy of Eternal Sonata,

Eventually I may need to learn HTML and get an official website. But for now I'll host my game and movie reviews on my book review blog.


At first I thought I lost this game. I'm not real sure why people are hating on it so much (except perhaps maybe it's a JRPG), but I remember enjoying it quite a bit. The battle system is similar to Grandia and Star Ocean, which automatically makes the game play a hit in my book.


I'm still not getting the comments about character development in this game, and Grandia III. Sometimes I wonder how much people are really expecting out of "character development."


Character development isn't necessarily wavy hands I'm a bubbly witch. That just conveys of melodrama, not character development. I want mellow drama, not melodrama.


I'll try to have an official review later.

I can't do game reviews if,

Amazon steals my money because they decided to have the order go through, and then cancel when they just happen to find out that Star Ocean for PS3 is out of stock. This is absolutely unprofessional, and should absolutely not be tolerated. Amazon used to send me my orders right away.


It also used to tell me if an Item were out of stock. Well not any more, now they wait till you arranged the order, charge you your money, and then look to see if the game is still in stock.


I'm not the type to ask for donations, so I'll see if I can arrange something.


Meanwhile, I hope you will sit tight.


Something that occurred to me,

Not an official review exactly.


OK sure Hagar eventually went on to form an Islamic nation. Oh God may have "watched over" her in the desert. But that's only if you go with the literal narrative. What's more depressing, is what if she had to go all out in the desert on her own -- and it was through her own personal efforts that made her survive?


Evidently it's not just God that's a douche, Abraham is a little bit one too. Now I understand different cultural values back them, but still to me sending one of your lovers into the desert is massively screwed up. It only become more so the more I think about it. She is having to carry this baby, that's probably not being fed adequately.


What's wrong with people in the bible.:/

Finally found my android wire,

For a while there I was wondering if I was going to be able to continue bible reviews and stuff. My order for In Ghostly Japan came in, so I look forward to researching that.


I recently started working on a novella now (though not before drawing a fantasy map), so I might not end up with as much time as I used to. But I'll try to get those out as soon as I possibly can.


I'd also like to give a shout out to a fellow reviewer. My and Blue Magus aren't exactly friends, but I think his reviews are well worth paying attention to. There isn't a moment where I can't relax and enjoy the show with his reviews.


His humor is a bit different from mine. (But that's how it's suppose to be right?)


Also for those who are also writers: Writing for the first half of the next chapter the night before the next day, helps a bunch of reducing the amount of work you have to do. This is beneficial if your having to do 1,000 words a day.


This might also help preventing losing steam. I know I do.

Time Hackers


Back when I was teenager, my favorite genre used to be the reverse of traditional time travel fiction. Rather about anti-hero's that deliberately went back in time to change history to fit their agenda.


Are there any books recommended for this taste?


Not sure how I would get into it again. I had to do a bunch of research of like Viking History and stuff, and still didn't come out right.

Well I just got a gift,

The problem is, this version of the bible ... only has the New Testament. No wonder so many people have new read the Old Testament. But hey, at least there is a back up of ... the new testament in case we are hit by an EMP blast.


I may have to buy my own copy of the old testament, as I really don't like such a reversal of what they consider Biblical history. I also have ... the book of Mormon. Hurrah, a trilogy. To review or not, I guess I'll see if I understand the book of Mormon. (My uncle happens to be Mormon.)


I've been out of sorts this week, finishing a YA Dystopian short (yes I can hear your laughs now). So I apologies for my absence. I may have to rewrite the reviews after Noah, as its not written as professionally as I originally intended.


For those familiar with Billy Meier UFO guy, I also have the book of Jmmanuel. So that's four books revolving around religion now. I was going to get the OM, though I can actually grab a free copy.


I may need a schedule,

I'm wanting to do more positive reviews to balance out the bible reviews, I finally got my copies of The Great Gilly Hopkins, Number The Stars, and Bread And Roses Too.


Still sort of iffy about fantasy (no thanks to a movie I reviewed a while back) though I am warming up to Urban Fantasy.


I think it's mainly medieval setting that burns me out, though that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just not my thing. And there are only so many decapitation rescue missions I'm going to want to watch (no matter the gender.)


Maybe part of it is to I used to play a lot of Final Fantasy. I also really miss the Grandia games, and I'm still sort of looking for a book that captures that sort of "I'm going on a grand adventure" that's has a mixture of up and down beat. Especially if its about a archaeologist.


it's not that its fantasy that Noah bugs me. There are just some aspect (without going into detail, that strike as extreme cruelty -- see Na'el.). I've been meaning to do bible reviews for a long time anyway, as I've heard many things about it. Spoilers tag just in case you haven't seen it.


So I'm thinking of a schedule like this, though it's not hard and fast:


Mondays - Bible Reviews (Story by story)

Tuesdays - Chapter Of Number The Stars

Wednesday - Chapter Of Great Gilly Hopkins


I'll probably spend the rest of the week on building a magic system, so I may end up with just these days.

Abraham: Second Genocide to Abraham's Issues

Not only did God pretty much annihilate a people again, he sold Sarah for 100 pieces a silver in order to "vindicate" Abrahams wife Sarah. Apparently women werent worth very much to God.


The Holy Bible is absolutely incompatible with feminism. Thats excluding the fact that children are hardly mentioned at all. At least in this story women are given dialogue, buts thats hardly saying much when Sarah and Hagar are pretty much plot devices for whatever sort of message the original writer was trying to convey.


Also there is a rediculous amount of incest in the bible. That pretty much nullifies whatever argument Christians make against it. It would be one thing if it were Noah doing this, since unless you go with the local flood theory, Noah and his family were the only survivors. But this is Abraham, who as far as I know at this point isnt the only family still in existance.


Also how is the flood suppose to be the whole world, if we don't even know if the guy who sold Sarah was even from Noahs line.


As you can see, there is a continuity issue.

Chucked by Wendig.

This is several times today I've been heckled today simply for having my own opinion about the holy bible. I literally have to transfer my reviews over to a private twitter account just to be able to speak my mind freely.


Chuck Wendig likes to talk real big about not preaching, but he can do this in his cushy seat pumping barely useful how to write books (from my own experience, your view may very) and preaching how self-publishing is so sinful.


Twotter is a social network, people are going to have opinions you don't agree with. If I have to respect yours, you respect mine.


There are those whose option is only to self-publish, because in general unless your famous poetry is not represented by agents.


The other venues out there, are magazines. And many unscrupulous magazines demand reading fees.


I'm sick of having to defend my opinion.

So wait,

Of what I remember of Hagar, she was the one that was suppose to be the mother of Ishmael, a prophet of Islam?


In reading this chapter, basically God is trying to ease her mind having her go through many childbirths? I think this is the same God that made child bearing unbearable for Eve, so unless that was only a pain meant for Eve ... God is absolutely inhuman. From what I understand, that's painful.

Covenant Of The Sacrifices?


I am reviewing chapter fifteen of genesis, where man continues to be sinful even after the nauseating flood. It get's even more weird from here. The chapter can roughly be summarized as:


Don't be sinful in Sodom,

Or God will spank your bottom.

Give me a deer, give me a ram,

Slice it into a ham.

My covenant is with you.


Where to begin on this chapter. So basically the Lord has some fascination with cutting animals in half, and because of this he forms a covenant with Abram against the people in Sodom that were apparently being sinful -- I guess even though god seems just as warlike as the rest of them. I guess Abram takes the land for his kids? I'm not sure. This chapter is mega weird.


Most of the chapter goes into telling instead of showing, and at times. I had to resist the temptation to browse and skim. I hope it doesn't get worse from here. How much of this book is just going to have summaries?

Tower Of Babel

What is there to say about it? It's short, nonsense, And honestly? Compared to Noah it's actually kind of good. It's still like some bizarre dark nonsense created by a mixture of Lewis Carol and Ed Wood.

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