I rate books differently.

There are a few thi gs that will automatically give it two stars instead of three:


1. The book is two reliant on long action scenes to carry a story.

2. The characters are thin and lifeless from the first book read.

3. The hero gets what he wants, every single time.

4. There is love at first sight romance.

5. The use of ufo and alien cliches in order to purpetuate the truth embargo. (Books written before 1995 are exempt from thos rule.)

6. The use of rescue arcs to eeplace actual character development.  (More of a Hollywood thing, but it happens in books too.)


I wont read fantasy, of any form. I'm to cynical for that anymore. Most Hollywood style fantasy has failed me in terms of rescue arcs.


I will make the exception for warhammer 40K type  stories. Also Claymore, Beserk, and Death Note is fine.. If you still willing to bare with me, that take a stab ag this thing.


See you in the dream matrix.