Adventures Of Galgameth


I will be reviewing Galgameth, a kids movie made in the year 1997, modeled after a similar Korean movie that was inspired by Godzilla.


I will separate this review into core story, plot, and characters. I have a lot more to say about the characters than about the plot.


In the core story, it is about a young prince who's father is murdered by a traitorous knight. After his tears wake up Galgameth, they go on an adventure to save the kingdom. If the plot had simply stuck with this story, the movie would have been a lot better. Here is how it fell about.


There were many times Galgameth did not stick to the plot, instead going in many different sorts of directions. It wasn't sure whether it wanted to be a rescue arc, or rather it wanted to be Godzilla style horror movie. There were parts of the movie that would have been creepy, if the movie had decided to go somewhere with that. Instead Galgameth was supposedly a good guy, even though the monster eats metal people!


There were many scenes I would have personally chosen to remove. If that has not scared you away, it is in fact the plot that is the movie's best achievement.


The movie spends even more time trying to show screen time of minor characters, and not enough of Devin -- who was supposedly the protagonist of the story. They always say, if your minor characters are more interesting than the MC, switch the point of view over to them.


However here is the problem. Julie was the most interesting character in the movie, and she herself was still pretty much a block of wood. And her acting seemed uninspired to account for the bad writing.


Overall this is a movie to turn your brain off, if you don't mind seemingly tough characters suddenly turning into damsels at the turn of a switch.