Adam And Eve

This is a review for Adam and Eve.


While God is not yet a genocidal maniac, there are some major problems I've noticed. Aside from the obvious misogynistic justification in this story (something I had not noticed when I first read it) God is basically punishing Adam and Eve for what's really kind of a minor issue.


God punishes the snake, because he simply told Eve the truth. That she would know she is naked. And what does he do to the snake? Crawl on his belly of course. Eve is punished by increased pain in child rearing. And then of course Adam basically by comparison gets away with barely a slap on his wrist.


Honestly if Cain and Able were around when this was going on, somehow it would not have surprised me if God would have punished the children for some arbitrary reason.




And for you Cain,

I shall make your hair overly thick,

Just like a lions mane.


And for you Able,

You shall be tossed,

across the table.


This God does not sound loving at all, even in the beginning of this story. I'm really starting to wonder what the next part is going to be like.


And so the story continues on and on, the basic jist that whoever strikes Cain shall be hit seven fold, then seventy-seven fold. But wait, isn't this vow of revenge technically coming from men? Or did God make some sort of secret story pact beneath the text that promised revenge? Again the text is not clear.


On to the next chapter up to Noah.