Noah (Original Story)

This is a review for the short story version of Noah.


I will separate the review three categories: first I will go over how the theme itself holds up from a literary point of view. Then I will go over how I feel about the characters (and for the movie, the actors), the plot, and then I will go over as many of the ethical issues that I have found in the story.


General Writing


Even aside from the obvious lack of character development, that smells of anti woman propaganda. I also felt like I could not really picture in my head very much of what was going on in Noah. I’m simply left to infer the pictures in my head, if the people that it was originally intended for were suppose to picture it.




The theme itself quite plainly ridiculous, as although I don’t disbelieve in morality, I personally did not believe in sin. So to go even further and lump mankind as a whole as greedy smacks of the obvious intent of the piece.




The characters themselves aside from Noah and his sons were not individualized beyond simply referring them as their wives. That’s absolutely none of the other characters, not the Nephilim (which the statues in the movie were based), and none of the countless woman whose children had not yet been born.




The plot flowed overly quickly, and this is from someone who struggles with an overly fast plot at times. In this instance I might give the benefit of the doubt, but it’s still a story that flows very fast compared to literary fiction of the 19th century.


Ethical Issues


While it may be true that man is self-centered, how is wanting to have a good time less justifiable than basically having a pre-holocaust? (Hitler himself killed millions of Jewish people. God himself pretty much almost destroyed the race down to a small handful -- If that’s not disturbing, I’m not sure what is.) But that’s pretty much never talked about. Do we even know whether God was actually Jewish?


And this is just if you go with the localized flood theory. The way it's written in the bible, it's supposedly a worldly flood.


It may true that the movie did not follow the short story on the dot, however given the circumstance I can infer that’s what any human would have done. It’s simply a matter of self-preservation.


There may be other issues, but it's already disturbing to me. I went ahead and did this one first, as I read it before Adam and Eve.