Covenant Of The Sacrifices?


I am reviewing chapter fifteen of genesis, where man continues to be sinful even after the nauseating flood. It get's even more weird from here. The chapter can roughly be summarized as:


Don't be sinful in Sodom,

Or God will spank your bottom.

Give me a deer, give me a ram,

Slice it into a ham.

My covenant is with you.


Where to begin on this chapter. So basically the Lord has some fascination with cutting animals in half, and because of this he forms a covenant with Abram against the people in Sodom that were apparently being sinful -- I guess even though god seems just as warlike as the rest of them. I guess Abram takes the land for his kids? I'm not sure. This chapter is mega weird.


Most of the chapter goes into telling instead of showing, and at times. I had to resist the temptation to browse and skim. I hope it doesn't get worse from here. How much of this book is just going to have summaries?