Chucked by Wendig.

This is several times today I've been heckled today simply for having my own opinion about the holy bible. I literally have to transfer my reviews over to a private twitter account just to be able to speak my mind freely.


Chuck Wendig likes to talk real big about not preaching, but he can do this in his cushy seat pumping barely useful how to write books (from my own experience, your view may very) and preaching how self-publishing is so sinful.


Twotter is a social network, people are going to have opinions you don't agree with. If I have to respect yours, you respect mine.


There are those whose option is only to self-publish, because in general unless your famous poetry is not represented by agents.


The other venues out there, are magazines. And many unscrupulous magazines demand reading fees.


I'm sick of having to defend my opinion.