Abraham: Second Genocide to Abraham's Issues

Not only did God pretty much annihilate a people again, he sold Sarah for 100 pieces a silver in order to "vindicate" Abrahams wife Sarah. Apparently women werent worth very much to God.


The Holy Bible is absolutely incompatible with feminism. Thats excluding the fact that children are hardly mentioned at all. At least in this story women are given dialogue, buts thats hardly saying much when Sarah and Hagar are pretty much plot devices for whatever sort of message the original writer was trying to convey.


Also there is a rediculous amount of incest in the bible. That pretty much nullifies whatever argument Christians make against it. It would be one thing if it were Noah doing this, since unless you go with the local flood theory, Noah and his family were the only survivors. But this is Abraham, who as far as I know at this point isnt the only family still in existance.


Also how is the flood suppose to be the whole world, if we don't even know if the guy who sold Sarah was even from Noahs line.


As you can see, there is a continuity issue.