I may need a schedule,

I'm wanting to do more positive reviews to balance out the bible reviews, I finally got my copies of The Great Gilly Hopkins, Number The Stars, and Bread And Roses Too.


Still sort of iffy about fantasy (no thanks to a movie I reviewed a while back) though I am warming up to Urban Fantasy.


I think it's mainly medieval setting that burns me out, though that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just not my thing. And there are only so many decapitation rescue missions I'm going to want to watch (no matter the gender.)


Maybe part of it is to I used to play a lot of Final Fantasy. I also really miss the Grandia games, and I'm still sort of looking for a book that captures that sort of "I'm going on a grand adventure" that's has a mixture of up and down beat. Especially if its about a archaeologist.


it's not that its fantasy that Noah bugs me. There are just some aspect (without going into detail, that strike as extreme cruelty -- see Na'el.). I've been meaning to do bible reviews for a long time anyway, as I've heard many things about it. Spoilers tag just in case you haven't seen it.


So I'm thinking of a schedule like this, though it's not hard and fast:


Mondays - Bible Reviews (Story by story)

Tuesdays - Chapter Of Number The Stars

Wednesday - Chapter Of Great Gilly Hopkins


I'll probably spend the rest of the week on building a magic system, so I may end up with just these days.