Well I just got a gift,

The problem is, this version of the bible ... only has the New Testament. No wonder so many people have new read the Old Testament. But hey, at least there is a back up of ... the new testament in case we are hit by an EMP blast.


I may have to buy my own copy of the old testament, as I really don't like such a reversal of what they consider Biblical history. I also have ... the book of Mormon. Hurrah, a trilogy. To review or not, I guess I'll see if I understand the book of Mormon. (My uncle happens to be Mormon.)


I've been out of sorts this week, finishing a YA Dystopian short (yes I can hear your laughs now). So I apologies for my absence. I may have to rewrite the reviews after Noah, as its not written as professionally as I originally intended.


For those familiar with Billy Meier UFO guy, I also have the book of Jmmanuel. So that's four books revolving around religion now. I was going to get the OM, though I can actually grab a free copy.