Book Review: Billy's Contact Notes -- Non-Fiction

UFO investigations are wasting their time trying to debunk M's UFOs, when contact 110 pretty much damns all contacts afterword.


Even from a storytelling perspective, contacts thereafter are simply bad pacing. When you plot a story, you separate it into Hook, Plot Turn, Pinch, Midpoint, Pinch 2, Plot Turn 2, and Resolution.


Contact 110 is pretty much the denouement of the BM case, if there was ever any real case to begin with. It was the old American representative that mentioned all other contact notes were not even written by BM.


It can be reasonably inferred then that all other contact notes were also not written by Semjase either. If they had actually continued after 1978, I have a slight feeling: the spirit teachings would be less focused upon, the Plejeren would talk about open contact — because lets be honest if the limited contact had worked — then it would be seen that humans are capable of seeing open contact.


I’ve also suspected from time to time that F may in fact have been infiltrated by the CIA. I don’t know this for certain, as there have been cults before that started on their own.


Again the more your dig into the nuts and bolts of the case, as well as the Plejeren’s last contact note and subtext within, you will realize things seem weirder and weirder.

I also looked up something about DR as well. Lets be clear, just because your banished from F honestly doesn’t mean anything really. It was even Mr. Winters that said the group was bordering on a cult.


Again, if contacts post 1978 aren’t real then no other contacts afterword are not even relevant to the UFO discussion. What we need are limited contacts now with someone other than Billy to really get a grasp about how humans would actually behave.


New York is or L.A. is a far better test for open contact. Lets also be clear, I’m not doubting he was an actual contactee at one point, but continuous no other contacts?

Yea I’ll need physical proof of that.